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Commercial Inspections

Experience Counts

With an extensive background of managing and constructing commercial properties you can rest assured that Card Inspection Services, llc has the knowledge requited to accurately perform a commercial property inspection for you.  I am also a certified commercial property inspector through CCPIA and a certified commercial properly inspector through Inter NACHI.


Using mobile reporting software and some of the most modern tools available we perform a full inspection of the property and analyze every system to give you an accurate picture of the general condition of the property.


Our Standards of Practice, below, lists all the items we inspect during our commercial property inspection.

Document Evaluation


Every commercial property inspection comes with a free analysis of client supplied documentation by an experience construction expert and licensed builder.  We wil review multiple documents, such as building permit history, blueprints, and property surveys, to provide the clearest pictures of the property possible durring a non-invasive inspection.


The document below includes a complete list of documents that we will review.

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