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Creating Safe Inspection- Covid-19 and Beyond

The last few months have been a real challenge for many of us. Disruption in lives, scary information on the news, and dealing with adapting to the new normal of having a dangerous global pandemic knocking at our doors. During this time Card Inspection Services has been fortunate to inspect a few homes and commercial properties. I count myself lucky to still be working but I also realized that, like everybody else, business as normal can't continue as it normally would anymore. As a home inspector I am constantly training and studying the multitude of things in a home that could cause harm to my clients, looking out for their best interest throughout the homebuying process. Now, I realized, I am going to have to make some changes in order to keep them safe during the inspection as well. So I have decided to take the following steps to keep my clients safe and do my small part to fight Covid-19.


I started by educating myself on the virus and the recomended safety guidelines by taking InterNACHI's Covid-19 Safety Guidelines Training Course. InterNACHI® is the world’s largest trade organization of residential and commercial property inspectors. InterNACHI® is the inspection industry’s largest provider of education and training. InterNACHI® and the InterNACHI® School is recognized, approved or accredited by more than 100 state, government, and non-government agencies to operate as an online education provider for home inspectors, contractors, and real estate agents. The course is designed to provide best practices for inspection protocols and procedures, along with recommendations to help home inspectors keep themselves and their clients safe and healthy.


During client attended home inspections I am offering free cloth masks (yours to keep) and latex gloves and promise to wear both myself for the duration of the inspection. I also promise to have hand sanitizer on hand if needed. These safety features will help us perform an inspection in person as long as federal, state, and local governments allow. Getting the opportunity to explain the home inspection report in person and get the chance to answer any questions my clients have is always a plus so I will take every precaution possible in order to allow an in person inspection. While my reports include full narrative descriptions describing each deficiency in detail, pictures, video, links to outside websites, and diagrams to better explain situations you may have, being able to have a conversations can be very helpful in making the decision on purchasing your home.

Walkthrough Video

In the case that we can not meet in person I am offering a free walkthrough video of the inspection during the course of the Corona-19 pandemic (a $75 dollar value). If there are stay-at-home or shutdown restrictions in place or if you do not feel comfortable attending the inspection I will walk through the inspection with you in a fully edited video. In this video I will describe the deficiencies and features of the home just as I would if you were there with me and I will edit the video of the 3 hour inspection down to just include the important information and provide you with a private link to the video within 48 hours of the inspection. You will be able to view this video at anytime for years to come so if you have any questions or can't quite remember exactly what was said or where a deficiency was it will be there to guide you.

As always it is important that I take my clients health very seriously and I will attempt to do everything I can to keep them safe. We at Card Inspection Services. llc hope the above changes we put in place and offerings that are rolling out will help our clients feel comfortable when choosing a home inspector. I wish everybody to stay safe and wish you luck in your home buying adventure!

About Card Inspection Services, llc:

Darrin Card is the sole operator of Card Inspection Services, a full services home inspection company covering the majority of mid and west Michigan. His qualifications include over 6 years providing high quality home inspections, over 30 years in the construction industry, InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector, Licensed Residential Contractor, attended Baker College for Architectural Construction Technology, IAC2 Certified for mold and radon testing. Darrin offers a full narrative home inspection report packed full of useful information such as appliance recalls, photos and videos of deficiencies, links to operation manuals, and links to outside websites to fully explain complicated issues. With over 300 inspections under his belt your can rest assured you are getting a detailed report from a knowledgeable inspector. For more information or to learn about ancillary services he offers please visit

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